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There are a lot of questions and ideas that are I may not be 100% certain about. Luckily most of my questions were already answered on stackoverflow. There is a huge community online to help me with common knowledge about the systems that I am researching. An entity component system at first isn’t an easy thing to grasp but all the resources online have really given me a better insight into how I can further advance my knowledge in the ideas for my research paper.

Example I wanted to get then perfect idea of how to use an unordered map correctly with the entity component system. Also the questions did not relate to what exactly I wanted the funny thing is, is that a lot of the answer contain general implementations that can be helpful beyond the context of the question itself.

The answer came up with a perfect solution to potentially help with the data driven design that I was looking for. Having an enum to identify a component type is simple but also really smart. It is a great way to check in a system for all the entities with that component enum to then process the data for the given component.

You don’t even have to get a specific component from a map since it based on the id as sub classes are emplaced back into the map as a base class type. This seems like a very practical and smart way of doing it.

I found another very useful answer on stackoverflow that directly linked me to an open source library that efficiently references components to specific systems.

Diana is a library that will be very useful to look into to get a better understanding of how data driven design is created within c++

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