The Beginning

The research that will be undertaken is going to be based on game architecture looking at data driven design. The Entity Component System follows such architecture and is therefore perfect to delve into. A research statement and problem needed to be proposed in order to start the research on my thesis.

What is the research problem statement?

The purpose of this research is to clarify why an entity component system is a common practise for game engine design and how it has a big impact on industry standard games. How modularity of a data oriented engine helps towards producing more efficient games in a fast manner. ECS are a solution towards modern game engine architecture that are also future proof.

Why is this research important?

The research will demonstrate that ECS are a design practise that has a large influence on how game developers. If the system is still relative to today’s standard and it will effectively demonstrate why companies such as unity and unreal are so fond of the whole concept and architecture of ECS. The analysis that will be collected from the findings will propose to a wider audience that entity component systems is an approach that every software engineer should take in this moment in

What is the research methodology?

[Experimenting] Trialing and erroring produced source code.

[Online Communication] Stackoverflow/development websites that can offerhelp for my proposed research.

[Articles] Online articles from various sources: jstor, google scholar etc.

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